Futures Fund

We recognise that the world of work is constantly changing and that we must find new ways of ensuring that our members – and those yet to join us – can be happy and secure in flourishing workplaces and communities. That’s why we’ve established our Futures Fund.

The establishment of this Futures Fund is to ensure that we can do our very best for our members by investing in the future of Community. We want to see projects that can transform the union, ensure that we continue to grow and organise – and help us foster new partnerships in search of a better working world.

The finance and general purposes committee (FGPC) has set aside a fund to support project proposals that can be made by staff, officials and members of the union – either individually, as a group or in partnership with external stakeholders. The fund will seek to provide support to short term projects of between three months and three years.

Community officers will be on hand to provide expertise, advice and support throughout this process.

Working as a team is hugely important to the future of Community, therefore a particular emphasis will be put on proposals that aim to bring staff and members together from across the union to design, implement and deliver projects.

Projects will generally be expected to fall under the following themes – transformational, organising for growth and partnership development – however projects that fall outside these themes will also be considered on merit. You can find out more about the types of project that we are looking for below.

Transformational projects

Projects of this nature will operate for at least one year but normally longer. The project could employ/second an individual or commission an external partner to work on a new area of activity that grows the union exponentially.

These Futures Fund projects will be in a new sector or where trade unions are not or poorly organised. These projects must be transformational – providing a gear change for the union.

Organising for growth projects

These Futures Fund projects will normally last between six months – year and are designed to provide specific support to new or ongoing campaigns that would benefit from a project based approach or an injection of resources.

Projects like this will predominately be focused on piloting news ideas, developing new materials, building capacity within the organisation and developing the skills of our staff officers and activists. Occasionally a project of this nature may look to second an individual from a workplace if that was seen as being key to supporting the organising opportunity.

Partnership development projects

Projects of this nature will be aiming to build a series of new relationships which enhance the standing of community, help us deliver new services or allow us to work with a new organisation on a shared objective. These projects can be regional and/or national and would normally last between six months – two years.

These projects will normally fund joint pieces of work between Community and new partners. We should put a particular focus on sister trade unions, charities and third sector bodies and left leaning think tanks and policy organisations.

Futures fund application form