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When we talk to young workers about how they deal with issues at work, we always hear the same thing, that it’s hard to take that first step and ‘put yourself out there’. Being a part of Community means you aren’t alone in any situation, and someone always has your back.

With Community in your corner we make sure you’re never left to deal with tricky situations alone, we help you at work and at home in lots of different ways.

Everyone should have the chance of a decent job and career, no matter what their age. But young people are most likely to experience unemployment, underemployment, low wages, casual and temporary work, zero-hours contracts and workplace exploitation.

As a union we want to engage and recruit all young workers. Young people deserve a great job like anyone else, where you are paid and treated fairly, where you get an opportunity to progress, have your voices heard and your rights upheld.

We need to seriously consider the barriers that stop young people engaging with unions and the means to overcome them.

To that end we have set up the young workers task force. The task force will look at why young people under 27 aren’t joining trade unions and what we can do as a union to recruit and involve more young members and reps.

“Community make me feel valued as a young member and have continued to support me through training”, Community branch secretary and member of the young workers taskforce, Hannah Rogers.

Young workers tell us it’s hard to speak up at work, whether that’s getting your hard work recognised or challenging unfair treatment. We want to make a difference to the working lives of young workers, and we need your help.

If you would like to get involved in future training and events, please get in touch at

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Young workers news

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