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700 jobs at risk at Euro Car Parts

13th December 2016

The article below was published in December 2016 regarding potential redundancies at Euro Car Parts. In light of national news articles published over the 2018 Christmas period regarding potential large scale job losses and boardroom disruption we wanted to reassure workers at Euro Car Parts that Community are here for you to advise, support and represent you at work.

Community continues to be the union for Euro Car Parts workers, and membership has continued to grow in the 2 years since this article was written.  If you are a worker at Euro Car Parts and want Community’s support, join now by clicking here.


Original article continues below:


Euro Car Parts has put 700 jobs at risk at its main Tamworth site and two smaller distribution sites in the area. The company plans to move its employees to a new site a few hundred metres away from its current Tamworth location.

The statutory consultation period with employees is scheduled to end at the end of January and the company is claiming that there will be no job losses through the process.

The Community trade union, which represents Euro Car Parts workers, says that the company is seeking to make changes to shift patterns and contractual hours as part of the process.

Gavin Miller, Regional Secretary for Community  in the Midlands, said:

“Our members are really worried for their futures and it means an uncertain Christmas for hundreds of people at Euro Car Parts in Tamworth. The company says it won’t be cutting jobs so the question is why have they put 700 jobs at risk and why is it following a statutory consultation procedure? Our fear is that they will make workers redundant if they don’t accept a whole raft of changes to shift patterns and contractual hours. These sorts of changes are always difficult and need to be managed carefully. Workers organise their lives around shift patterns, whether that’s childcare, caring responsibilities or transport.

“To use the threat of redundancy as a way of forcing through changes is no way to treat people. We want Euro Car Parts to sit down with Community and take time to understand the very real worries and concerns of their workers. From the feedback we’ve received from lots of employees, they’re not even aware that they’re at risk.

“As a modern trade union we want to work with employers not against them, but Euro Car Parts has persistently refused to engage with Community despite our offer to work with them constructively.”

The union has opened an office in Tamworth for this week, so that they can advise the workforce on their rights and the redundancy process.


Further media information: Gavin Miller 07834 745813