Our NEC - Tiffany Gillies

A bit about Tiffany

Tiffany Gillies has been a member of Community and its previous unions since 2005. And since making the decision to become a branch rep in 2009, she has created a platform and voice for members in the Justice sector both locally and nationally. When the prison service union merged with Community, Tiffany was the first female member of the justice executive to be elected into the justice sector committee. Tiffany has been the NEC representative of Scotland and Northern Ireland for 3 years, and throughout her time in the trade union movement has been a part of many success stories, such as promoting the our ‘Safer Justice Sector’ campaign message nationally, implementing more safety equipment for our justice members in certain companies, lobbying the continued operation of Dungavel immigration centre with politicians and supporting our ‘Student Community’ initiative. Outside of Community, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family and acting out various roles in a murder mystery theatre company that play various functions across Scotland.


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